This time Gias Uddin Selim stood beside Pori Moni

This time Gias Uddin Selim stood beside Pori Moni

This time Gias Uddin Selim stood beside Pori Moni

Entertainment Desk- Actress Parimani re-introduced herself through the film ‘Swapnajal’ directed by producer Gias Uddin Selim. Received widespread praise.

Recently, the popular heroine of Dhakai movie has been arrested. Drugs were also seized from Banani’s house during his arrest. The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the police sent Parimani to jail on Friday after a two-day six-day remand.

Meanwhile, producer Gias Uddin Selim has stood by Pori Moni during this difficult time. He also said that he did not support the process by which Parimani and Chayanika Chowdhury were detained. He also said that Zayed Khan, general secretary of Shilpi Samiti, had personally taken the incident.

“Looking at the arrests of Parimani and Chayanika Chowdhury, I think we are probably arresting two more militants,” the director, known as ‘Monpura’, told the media. The manner in which the bride was detained violated her constitutional rights. Because the work has been done without any search warrant. This is very worrying. ”

“But the government will pay due attention and remedy this,” he said.

Shortly after Parimani’s arrest, the Bangladesh Film Artists’ Association suspended her membership. In this context, Gias Uddin Selim said, “I have heard about Zayed Khan on the talk show. He has taken the matter personally. I think the executive members of the organization did not see the issue as a leader but took it personally. ‘

‘Friends need to grow. The organization will not stand without friends. The producer also mentioned that their conversation is very kind and this attitude is amateurish.
Parimanikande is being trolled on social media. In this context, Gias Uddin Selim said, “We are only using this media to catch the faults of others. Many people do not think about themselves. We like to talk about the mistakes of others, ethnically. One kind of media, camera trial. A person can be called a criminal after the crime is proved in the trial. But that is not happening, before that we are judging the sick on social media. ‘ Pori Moni..


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