3 Fils Restaurants in Dubai

3 Fils
3 Fils

3 Fils Restaurants

3 Fils is one of the best-known small restaurants in town. And for good reason. To residents, visitors, and many top chefs referring to it as their after-service food, it has earned a great reputation in Dubai and continues to grow from strength to strength.

3 Fils

It is also growing in size, expanding from its tiny dining room due to its popularity. The outdoor area features sleeping, rocking boats at Jumeirah Fishing Harbor that make for a restless lazy meal.

Arrive at a good time, such as during peak hours you will be under severe pressure to get a table in this popular Asian spot and it is a big shame because it is a place you do not want to miss.

Meals are prepared in front of you in the open kitchen in the corner. The small menu allows chefs to finalize every single ingredient. Nothing is out of place, nothing is unimaginable, everything has a purpose.

3 Fils

Sushi is fresh, delicious and of good quality – everything from spicy tuna and crispy eels to asparagus tempura.

The menu is playful, the staff recommends excellent and while seafood here is plenty to choose from among the main star, meat lovers laTheme supportmb ribs, chicken wings and spicy beef curry.3 Fils

And if you like sweets, you are lucky, because there is a delicious menu. Or, if you prefer a short trip, the team has opened a small dessert bar – BRICS – towards the end of 201 late, where your sweet tooth will be more than satisfied (Earl Gray Truffle is incredible).

Unprecedented food in an unprecedented environment, a massive hit.